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Koakuma Ageha special issues 
13th-Jan-2011 09:13 pm
princesses dancing
Koakuma Ageha magazine used to be really good for hair and makeup tips, but lately I've been disappointed by the regular issues. Fewer tutorials, more fashion (mostly cheap + ugly, too), and a ridiculous amount of advertising for their catalogues. However, they've had a couple of special issues lately which I think are much better than the monthly ones.

This is a special issue with Koakuma Ageha, nuts, and I♥mama. It's aimed at women in the 24 to 30s age range. That's me! (It's a lot of you too, isn't it?) This issue adapts some of the currently popular gyaru looks to work for an expanded range of ages. The makeup is still dramatic and eye-catching compared to mainstream looks, but it's not as caked-on or exaggerated as it is in the teen/college magazines. The hairstyles are long and pretty, but softer, and many of the models are using only their real hair instead of extensions. Then there are a number of articles about things like techniques for maintaining one's looks, etc.

This one's a special issue for kimono looks. Even if you don't wear kimono, this one's great because it's filled with updo styles and tutorials for hair in the mid-back to hip range. Most of the models have extensions, but there's a lot that should be doable with real hair. The hairstyles include a variety of looks, from huge + over-the-top, to cute + youthful, to glamorous + elegant. (You might have to force yourself to notice how elegant and pretty some of the hairstyles really are, since it's not always immediately obvious with the choice of kimono, makeup, and pose...) This issue is slim for the price (880 yen) but there's almost no advertising and very little fluff. It's mostly just lots of tutorials. There's a section in the back showing some of the basic skills for doing good updos, such as comb techniques, making a rat with false hair, and suji. ("suji" = those artfully arranged little locks of hair. Does this have a name in English?) And of course there are some kimono topics, like a photo tutorial to put it on oiran-style, and a Q&A page dealing with issues including getting out of a car and using the toilet.
13th-Jan-2011 04:19 pm (UTC)
If you read my LJ, I buy those magazines every year I come ^^ I just love them. It's true that lately Ageha, popteen, ranzuki etc. give too much space to fashion. But there are some special make up OR hairstyle issues with DVD that are just fabulous. Those DVDs taught me a lot of things ;p
And, yeah, I love the newest issues like I love mama lately >_>;
14th-Jan-2011 12:06 am (UTC)
Oh that お姉さんになった!!! sounds nice! I think it's great that models are using their real hair. That way girls can know what they actually can do with their hair, instead of just looking at the pretty hairdos without a way to copy them (unless using extensions/wigs, of course)...

That other one sounds pretty good too! I'd love to be able to do a nice updo, but my hair is way too thin for anything (or I just lack skills). :/

Lol I was always kinda wondering how do people use toilet when in kimono (it's when wearing the "full gear", right?). I got the impression it's somewhat restrictive, and taking it off/putting it on sounds troublesome...
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