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clarification about twitter + fandom wank 
9th-Jan-2011 05:26 am
princesses dancing
I'd like to clarify a few things because I think that some of my criticisms may have been misunderstood.

I do not have a problem with street teams or street team projects. However, I feel that some things have not been handled as professionally as they should have been, and I know that I'm far from being the only person with that opinion. I've been reading Twitter all week, the band members' blogs, and I looked around Facebook, but I could not get a clear idea of what this Versaillesphilia concept was supposed to represent. It seemed to mean something different every time I turned around.

I appreciated Allie taking the time to explain the idea, and after learning what it was that she was trying to do, I sent her a long e-mail about what I saw as issues with the way it had been presented to fans, some of the objections that fans have had due to communication problems, and some suggestions that I thought might help to smooth the objections and make it more appealing to a wider group of fans. There were probably things in there that she or other street team members didn't want to hear, but I did write it with the goal of providing constructive criticism to help them improve the plan.

What I would really like is for Versailles to be seen in the best light possible, for the staff and street teams to operate effectively and smoothly, and for fans to get along. I don't believe that keeping my mouth shut when I think something is being done clumsily is helpful toward that. I didn't write this stuff just to be a hater, although I probably did some things clumsily myself too and didn't come off as well as I could have. I want both the staff and street teams to think about what happened that might have caused a bad impression so it can be prevented in the future. But I feel like I've come off as some kind of horrible ogre.

Also, I would like to know what the proper channels are to send criticism, suggestions, and contributions to both staff and street teams. That is, assuming that this is even possible for someone with no officially recognized status. A couple of weeks ago I attempted to send a translation to management, something which fans were specifically asking for and would have found useful, but so far there's been no reply. Maybe I sent it to the wrong address or person. Maybe I'm being ignored because I'm not part of a street team. I was hoping to at least get a rejection so I could publish it myself and fans could make use of it.

Earlier I'd felt like some small steps had been made toward some kind of resolution, but now I think it looks even worse. I have tried to be helpful and offered contributions and suggestions, but more and more I feel as if the only role for no-rank fans like me is to shut up and be Versailles' ATM. I guess that's just usual though, so I feel somewhat ashamed for imagining it might be different in this case.
8th-Jan-2011 09:55 pm (UTC)
Hello inertia, this is Allie, i've been reading this posts and find some interesting things about what other fans think about street teams, i believe my e-mail will help with this wrong ideas about the meaning of our existance.
Yet i must agree with this, some street teams did not act properly, even my own does not know how to approach to japanese fans cause they use to be so jealous about Versailles, but what we want is to work together, we are not street teams to have some sort of privilege, but just to promote the band in each country, to our people, to our fans without being better than anyone.

if street teams, all are so united, why we can't be united as fans, without status, there's no such thing when it comes to Versailles, there's no status, no president, leader or whatever you can think of.

I believe we all can make this work, we can talk it, get to a solution and work together, us in our countries, you in japan, and all of us for Versailles, together until we all meet in a Versailles show if god allow it.
that's why i think.
8th-Jan-2011 10:29 pm (UTC)
I agree with you except in one thing: it is easier to be heard if belong to an official ST. I say it for my personal experience. It does not mean fans do not belong to a ST are less important, of course not!! All of us are equal and Versailles loves everyone the same, but send projects or whatever through an ST makes things easier for everyone as I said.
8th-Jan-2011 10:24 pm (UTC) - it's ok
Well, I understand you position, being one of the two who had the original idea, and seeing all the fighthing this has caused, I also feel myself as a hated person u.u
Nikki and me as the begginers of the Versaillesphilia thing always had the intention of ask everyone's opinion before tell something about it to the band, therefore it was posted on public WorldTeam FB, for those teams who do not have FB, it was sent to their myspace accounts. We do not receive reply from everyone, but the ones who replied expresed their opinions, most of them agreed and the ones who did not, suggested the different dates mentioned. We told that to Versailles, and among all the days suggested the decided January 4th. Maybe some fans do not understand the importance of this day, but cleary Versailles does and agrees.
However, the problem itself was that it all happened in a time that some people consider very quickly (it took 2 days) and didn't give time to everyone to read about, maybe some fans or ST did not went online at all and that's why they now said "they were not asked"... but everyone was asked!! it is nobody's fault if some poeple do not go online or don't check Versailles' Street Teams related FB or myspace. In my opinion, people who do not take the time to check, do not have the right to fight about... however, maybe we should wait longer until ask Versailles approval, but the thing is, Versailles Staff realized about the idea (by public tweets I presume) even before we had time to send private message to them about it. Once we received message from Staff saying it was a great idea and greeting us, I personally replied: "I will send to you the complete information about it"; so I did, by private message, telling as I have said many times, ALL THE DAYS SUGGESTED BY FANS and the oppinion that those days different to January 4th was to some fans more representative. Even so, they decided January 4th.

About the fact that you mention of not being part of a Street Team, there is not ST in your country?
Well, even if your suggestion or project or whatever it is, is very serious; if you do not belong to the kind of industry related to music in your country or you are at least part of an Street Team (since st are official); your mail can be probably confused with simple fanmail and hardly taken seriously. I am telling you because I had similar issues in the past. Now as one of the leaders of Colombia ST I am taken seriously in this kind of matters, but I think it is because I belong to an Official Street Team. My advice for you is to join the ST in your country, if it does not exist, then start it!!!
That way you will be taken seriously an as you said, you will receive at least a declination if is the case.
Is not that they don't want to pay attention to all fans, of course they do, but they do not have the time to read and discuss and decide about each idea that each fan has!!.. Through a ST, one person' idea becames one country' idea, so that way is much easier for everyone, fans, staff and band. And more chances to be heard.
And that's all ^^
I hope everything is clear now and nobody hates anybody ¬¬
I'm tired to explain and defend myself, and I'm not the only one feeling this way; and also a lot of us feel very ashamed and dissapointed that this kind of figthing made Mayumi-san sad, and therefore the band members u.u
9th-Jan-2011 06:30 pm (UTC) - Re: it's ok
Thank you for your polite replies toward me and karasu. I appreciate your taking the time to explain things, and if my tweets/posts were among the things that made you feel hated, I apologize. It's obvious now that any problems were just because the project spread across the internet before it was polished enough to be seen by the public. I think Shizuka had some great ideas to prevent this happening in the future.

It was already said but I'm in Japan and there isn't a street team here. Back when the street teams were started I did think about trying to join the US team since that's where I'm originally from, but after some consideration I realized it wouldn't work. I've lived in Japan since 2002 so in a lot of ways I'm as clueless about the current state of the US fanbase and their regional issues as any other foreigner. I try to do some things that I think would be helpful to Versailles and their fans, like helping overseas fans get tickets to concerts and events in Japan, translating things once in a while, and reporting on concerts/events for fans who weren't able to attend. (Actually, I haven't been doing the reports lately because I've been feeling really discouraged and unenthusiastic for a lot of reasons...) But it's all completely unofficial.

I hope you've had a chance to rest and relax, and you're feeling better now. :)
8th-Jan-2011 10:30 pm (UTC)
I'm very thankful to what you wrote, because it's good criticism.
I'm not lucky about how things went recently because of bad communication and organistion. I hope everything well get better soon as no one seems to be happy with the current situation. I hope such kind of a 'fight' will not happen again or at least not in the puplic as it was on twitter.
As for sending criticism to the teams, you could maybe send a mail to: versailles-world@hotmail.com
As for the staff I don't know either f^^; I'd just know Mayumi by mail or Twitter (but there might not be enough space to say everything) If I find out anything I'll let you know!
Thank you.
I hope I could help you a little bit.
9th-Jan-2011 01:15 am (UTC)
Hi! (This is Loire from a new account).
Honestly I agree with your post and I support your opinion and decisions.
However, to tell the truth street teams have really no power at all... Management is rarely in touch with them and pretty much ignores them unless they need them for some projects.
This is probably due to a lack of staff, which leaves the situation quite out of control.
Being the first one to open a myspace and ask for friendship to Versailles myspace makes you automatically the leader without any control or question on the management side, and that would be quite ok since street teams really have no privileges or anything.
However, it's definately true that some street teams leader pretend to be high rank fans claiming to have powers that they don't have. It's similar to Japanese jourens: they never received any sort of power from the band or their management, but they think they have the right to lead or even bully other fans.
On European tours I've been fans having some kind of fights on queue because someone claimed to have the right to bypass the queue as "leader of XX street team"...
9th-Jan-2011 01:19 am (UTC)
Inertia lives in japan, they don't need Street Teams over there.

and it is true that some street teams have more attention, for doing better work and behave properly.

With i truly disagree is to give this image that "you have to be in a street team to be heard" that is not true at all.

As many fans must know, the band hears when you say important things.
Many street teams do nothing, so, nobody gives attention to them

and many single fans do much more, and have the attention of the band.
We must think before write such things.

I made a forum, explaining both points of view, to help friends in japan and overseas.

join them, read about it and i hope we do the best for every fan.

it doesn't matter the day if half of the world does not agree with what your celebrating.

even more if you're suppoused to be celebrating union
9th-Jan-2011 02:08 am (UTC) - ok.
I did not know she lives in Japan, so there's no need to ST there, that's ok.
I don't say people who belong to ST are more important or anything, is just that in my personal experience I contacted Staff various times, long time ago as individual fan and never received a reply; but since I belong to a ST I noticed that as member of ST I receive attention. Maybe it is just a coincidence but it happened so that's why I said it. Also, leaders of ST have not special rights and are not special anything, we are only moderators in each country to keep the fans together and try to make sure the work is done. So please don't missunderstand my words.
9th-Jan-2011 02:11 am (UTC)
Why is there not an Internet Street team, really? Because everything you've done online for both Versailles and Larine is far more than some of the stuff these "street teams" do, and it's accessible to everyone with a computer, not just country A or B. Poor Canada, we have no street team. :(
(My old job called it "Social Media Representative" - upkeeping forums and facebook fan pages and writing blog entries and such.)
I do very much hate that you feel that way because you out of all the fans I've met anywhere has always kept a very professional and consistantly positive attitude towards helping the band fanbase grow and helping promote them in the best light possible.

/2cents. :)
9th-Jan-2011 06:28 am (UTC)
I agree with you so much. I told inertia personally that I doubt anyone else has done a better work divulging Lareine or Versailles outside Japan. I was never a Lareine fan, but I could read and understand about the band many years ago when I didn't know Japanese because of her. And I don't remember any similar drama going on back then... good times.
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9th-Jan-2011 02:22 am (UTC)
People complain a lot about Street teams

but when you do info search on internet.
read interviews, see videos with subtitles..al that shit.

were street teams people that translate them all, post them all, you may know japanese, but not everyone does.

9th-Jan-2011 03:13 am (UTC)
I don't know what in the world all this recent street tream drama is about, but tbh, I don't even like the concept of street teams. If you want to keep fans in a certain country coordinated and up-to-date on Versailles activities, that's great - but I've always had the impressions that the Versailles street teams are more divisive than cohesive and lead to a whole lot of "OMG X STREET TEAM LOVES VERSAILLES THE MOST/HAS DONE THE MOST FOR THE BAND COME SEE US ASAP" fighting. What happened to the Versailles global community?
9th-Jan-2011 03:28 am (UTC)
that's a big mistake o.O
all street teams work together ...i don't know why people think that just because they call "street teams" means that we're actually fighting to be better thant other street teams and other fans
All they do is promote Versailles in their countries, make some projects and that's all, they're people like everyone else..

i will love all of you to know some of them, to talk with them and you'll see they're not trying to be better, they just want to share Versailles with the fans in their countries.

Jesus, suddenly there's a lot ST haters over there @.@
9th-Jan-2011 03:33 am (UTC)
I'm sorry you have that oppinion, it is not like that. At least it is not like that in Colombia ST and the most ST I know. We work for the band and tell each other about our activities and ideas, to share, not to fight about it.
The work is really hard specially for the few who represent the teams, because we take the responsability of everything that is done in our countries about the band, even if sometimes is not our fault.
So, for some few that maybe you know with no right behavior, please do not criticize ST in general, because most of us do a good job.
(Deleted comment)
9th-Jan-2011 06:56 am (UTC)
I already said on the forum, it was all an error of redaction, we did not express the idea well enough and some people missunderstood. It was our mistake, but it was not with bad intention.
Please understand the difference. We do not feel more important than fans who for various reasons do not belong to an ST, and also we did not suggested the date for meaningful reasons. We made the mistake to express the idea in few words and then not everyone understood what we meant (I have to point out that a lot of people understood it right); and we made the mistake of writing: "street teams" instead of "fans". Those are mistakes that we did with not bad intention but mistakes anyway, and we are very sorry that it hurted so many people, since we didn't meant to do that.
However, we are not trying to fix anything, even when we made thos mistakes in the writing; it is true that we posted the idea in the public web and spread it so everyone can read and give oppinion, the fact that someone do not belong to an ST does not mean can not go online and read and say something about it. World Team is not an official team, it is only an online community where is easier to keep in touch among fans in different parts of the world. A community needs a name and that's the name, that's all.
And in the other subject, by "Leaking private information" I do not know what are you talking about or who are you blaming of, but I have nothing to do with anything like that.

So, as one of the two people who strated the whole thing, for the mistakes I made in the way of comunicate the idea, I am really sorry and honestly apologize. I know Nikki feels the same way.
I take the responsability for the things I have done, well and wrong. I know that for the mistakes probably some people hate me, I feel bad about it, therefore I apologize, but I can not force anyone to like me or forgive me so I guess I'll have to live with it. I'll just be more careful next time I have to write something to not cause such a big deal for using the wrong words. Mistakes are to learn about them, and is good to know what are my mistakes.
However, I won't apologize for things I did not do wrong. As it seems you also are beeing blamed in a way that is not fare, please understand that I am in similar situation.
Regardles what a lot of people said, it was a good idea, a lot of people around the world agreed and even the band agreed. So, I apologize that the way we comunicated the idea was not the best, but I won't apologize for the fact of having the idea and look forward the band' approval.
(Deleted comment)
9th-Jan-2011 05:36 am (UTC)
I don't have time to write much now because I have to go out for the day, but I'd like to quickly thank everyone for replying. There's a lot to think about and I want to help smooth things out, so I'll write later tonight when I have the time to give this the attention it deserves.
9th-Jan-2011 08:45 am (UTC)

i'll ask everyone to read this and participate of this forum.

there's our point of view, we're following yours here.

So please, ALL fans, if you do not want to be involved there's no need to reply there, but can you at least read?


Is it very important for you to understand our truly intention.

As far as the World Team concern, i am not part of it, i never post anything there, they're good people but i must agree with @Gekkakou

Is a hell of a BIG tittle.

Nor even my team, or my friends team were invited to participate in the deliberation of this date, or the deliberation of many other decitions they suddenly make.

We do understand that we are not giving a proper image, we promisse to behave better and also please remember

not every street team is involved, not every street team decide it, and even not every street team participate of this, we found out in the day of this celebration.

My friends and i are trying to make them see your point of view, but we can't control peoples minds...but we are doing the best that we can to make them understand they did not do it right.

So please, read and we will be glad if you participate and trade this opinions with us.

Miss @Gekkakou

I must appologise if you understand me wrong that day on twitter, i was not and i am not saying those things to anyone in any case.
So i hope you see that it was only a case of few patience, few characters to write and a lack of communication.

I did not put words in your mouth, or at least it wasn't my intention so i appologise for that, and hope we can count with you in future projects.

Some street teams decided one thing because they thing it is fine that way.

Personally i find no meaning in celebrating union and friendship if there's fans that doesn't feel god with it, that's no union.

Please undesrtand are not all the street teams, just a couple of them and we do not want our image and all our hard work to be in vain.
Because we care about what fans have to say, because its a family.
9th-Jan-2011 09:10 am (UTC)
We are doing that.

AS you can see, if you see the forum, is not an permanent one, but this was the only way to Street teams stop posting this issues on twitter, or facebook, because even i can't read what they post on facebook, and that's not unfair so i know how you feel.

We made a mistake, when the band told us that we're the best fans, they tweet was sent to me, i thought it was for everyone.
So because i was using my personal account i reply back " it's because you're great and every fan love you"

when i said "Every" i meant EVERY single fan, even if its not in twitter.

The teams did not run to Mayumi, because the argue were there, of course she saw it, and ask what happend.
I was one of the people who were trying to explain that we did some childish mistakes, but i let her know that we will solve this.

We are al grow up people, we are all fans of Versailles.

So i believe it doesn't hurt anyone to give the street teams one more chance so we can prove that we are not better, and we work with all the fans.

Please i ask you to always keep in touch if we do something it might not make other fans look good.

I can't control every team, i wish i could and this problem wouldn't even exists, but i can't so its a matter of patience and talking.

We are trying to be better, some street teams are taking sides, and that's not good at all, because some of them were the ones who make the decition, i don't want to see this kind of fights among fans.

I believe neither do all of you.
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